Intern Testimonials 2018

Our interns for the summer of 2018 enjoyed placements in our Investment and Distribution teams. We were very pleased to receive the following positive feedback from them.

Owen Quinn +

"This is my third internship - it was good to come into the company and see if asset management was right for me as a career.

I thought the internship programme had a really good structure. There is a good amount of time to meet with different people and you are given meaningful work to do. You are not a number - the culture makes for a genuinely friendly environment where people are happy to help the interns and share their knowledge.

I spent time with the Derivatives team, the Wholesale Sales team, and the Institutional Sales team so that gave me a lot of insight and different perspectives.

I also had a buddy who met with me every week to discuss how I was doing, how I was getting on in London, how I was getting on with people in the office - so I felt really supported."

Merel Turksema +

"I really wanted to see what working life was like in the financial sector and asset management was the dream. I wanted to combine economics with technical work so I felt like I got the chance to do that in RLAM.

We were given challenging projects to work on independently. I really enjoyed my time with the team. They gave me a project where I could use linear regression which is something I've done a lot at University, so it allowed me to apply my learning.

The Derivatives team are a really close knit team, really inclusive and made me feel welcome. The atmosphere around the office was really pleasant and every single person I worked with encouraged me to ask questions."

Jake Winterton +

"I already knew that I wanted to work in the asset management industry and thought this internship programme at RLAM would be a great opportunity to gain some valuable first-hand experience on the fund management side.

For me, the level of responsibility given to interns at RLAM makes this internship stand out above all others; from the very beginning of this internship, I was empowered to take on challenging pieces of work and continually better performance.

Also, I found that Royal London's unique culture and flat company structure made for a fantastic learning and working environment. I'm pleased to say I've just recently rejoined the Multi Asset team, in a full time role as Assistant Analyst, having thoroughly enjoyed my time interning within the team."

Joanna Li +

"I worked in the Fixed Income team as part of my internship. I've never been in a company that is so willing to give you time - I didn't even have to ask 'do you have 10 minutes?

I got a great insight into how the fund managers worked. The people are so down to earth - I spoke with the fund managers and the Head of Fixed Income on a day to day basis. Two weeks in and I was going to client meetings!

The experience really showed me you don't have to be in an environment where everyone is competing against each other to be the best - you need a collaborative environment.

The projects I worked on were projects that will really support RLAM. It felt like my research was meaningful and really contributing to discussions around what they were planning to achieve in the future. "

Maddy Throup +

"What I enjoyed most about my experience in RLAM, was the people but also the atmosphere.

I didn't feel pressurised on the placement, I felt like I could be myself. I had a set of projects to work on, but if there was any other area I was interested in, I could explore that too.

I was sat right next to the fund managers which was a great opportunity to learn about this part of the business. It felt there was a lot of collaboration with people discussing and debating their ideas.

I worked at a wealth management company last year and the placement in RLAM was to help me confirm I wanted to continue with asset management."

RLAM is part of the Royal London Group.

Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) was set up in 1988 as the dedicated fund management arm of the Royal London Group and has since evolved into one of the UK’s leading investment companies.

Founded in 1861, initially as a friendly society dedicated to serving the interests of its members and securing their financial security, Royal London became a mutual life insurance company in 1908.

Today, Royal London is the UK's largest mutual life and pensions company with Group funds under management of £99.6 billon. Group businesses serve over 3.6 million customers and employ over 2,910 people. Figures quoted are as at 31 December 2016.

As specialist financial services provider, the businesses in Royal London Group focus on those sectors of the market which value quality propositions, operating through a number of brands. Their goal is to provide innovative solutions that match the needs of distribution partners and customers.

RLAM manages over £50 billion of assets on behalf of a wide range of external clients, as well for the Royal London Group and has with a particular focus on providing asset management services to UK institutional and wholesale clients.

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